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Lakewood High School's Internet Agreement

New Rule from Pinellas County:

  1. You can only go to the Internet site that is specified by Mr. Thompson.
  2. A seating chart must be made (So that the user of a particular computer at a particular time, can be traced).
    • So do not switch seats or computers, instead:
    • Tell Mr. Thompson about any problems being experienced and let him fix it.

Parents, you can see your child's grades on
 Parent Connect.
  • Parents Please Note:  In Ascend, each student goes at their own pace, so the number of items your child has done may not match the number of headings in the markbook.
  • Parent Letter - Math

Tuesday April 28, 2009


  • Six-Week #6, Aim: Obtain more than 60% on Grade 10 FCAT type problems.
  • Week 2:  4/29 - 5/06
  • Vocabulary Test This Thursday
  • Geometry - Angles - Parallel lines
  • Ascend
  • Write or draw the meanings of the vocabulary words.
  • Computer, Notebook, pencil.
  • Coordinates Point, Line, Line Segment, Plane, Collinear,  Congruent,  Perpendicular, Parallel, Angles, Right Angle, Obtuse Angle, Straight Angle,  Adjacent Angles,  Supplementary Angles, Complementary Angles, Angle Bisector, Vertical Angles, Transversal, Corresponding Angles, Alternate Interior Angles.

  • Write or Draw to illustrate the meaning of each vocabulary word. 
  • Make sure that Mr. Thompson illustrates these definitions at your table.
    • See Textbook - pages 153-161
  • Ascend Math Program
    • Do at least 2 post-tests per day. Your passing score will be increased to 70%. (Check with Mr. Thompson.)
    • Note:
      • Never guess.  
      • Work Carefully!
      • Learn the principles from Mr. Thompson.
      • Use a notebook, work neatly.
      • Use a FCAT type Calculator (they cost $1 in the Dollar Shop or in some drug stores)
  • At end of class, go to START / logoff as "you"  
  • Do not close the computer.
  • Good classes.
  • Only Ascend done. I circulated and helped individual students.

Advisory  Due Friday, May 1, 2009

(Class Rules)

Tuesday,  April 28, 2009
    Essay 17: 
To protect yourself against Swine Flu, list at least 3 precautions that you should take, and say why each is effective.

  • Good class discussion.

Rules of Arithmetic and Algebra

Ascend Math Program
FCAT Strands and Benchmarks -Go to Page 11 or click on the binoculars, type in the benchmark number exactly as given, click on the search button.
Parent Letter - Math


Math Grade Weighting and Ranges

Class Rules

 Ascend direct

Send your questions and comments to


  • You should receive an answer within 24 hours.
  • This will enable one on one communication with Mr. Thompson at any time and from any place.
  • If you do not already have an e-mail account, you can get a free e-mail account by clicking here .
  • Please tell your parents about this class' website (www.tagt.biz). Show them how to get to it.
  • Mr. Thompson is available after school in B212 every day (barring anything unforeseen), from 1: 20 to 2:20 P.M.

Teacher: Tyrone A. G. Thompson



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