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New Rule from Pinellas County:

  1. You can only go to the Internet site that is specified by Mr. Thompson.
  2. A seating chart must be made (So that the user of a particular computer at a particular time, can be traced).
    • So do not switch seats or computers, instead:
    • Tell Mr. Thompson about any problems being experienced and let him fix it.

Parents, you can see your child's grades on
 Parent Connect.
  • Parents Please Note:  In Ascend, each student goes at their own pace, so the number of items your child has done may not match the number of headings in the markbook.
  • Parent Letter - Math

Thursday May 14, 2009



  • Six-Week #6, Aim: Obtain more than 60% on Grade 10 FCAT type problems.
  • Week 2:  4/29 - 5/06
  • Week 3:  5/06 - 5/13
  • Week 4: 5/13 - 5/20
  • Due to damage to computers by students, you will no longer be allowed to use the computers for the rest of the semester.
  • For your own benefit, please continue to do Ascend and FCAT Explorer according to the schedule below (at the media center, home, or elsewhere).
  • Past FCAT problems will be given as classwork until the Final Exam.
    • Your Final Exam will be made up of problems that are closely related to these problems.
  • Vocabulary Test next Monday.
  • Do FCAT problem on White Board.
  • Computer, Notebook, pencil.
  • Triangle, Interior Angles (Adjacent and Non-adjacent), Exterior Angles, Corresponding Angles, Alternate Angles, Supplementary Angles, Parallel Lines, Polygon, Regular Polygon; Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene Triangles (categorized by sides); Equiangular, Right, Obtuse, Acute Angled Triangles (categorized by angles); Altitude, Median, Bisector; Pythagorean Theorem; Quadrilateral, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Rhombus, Square, Trapezoid.

  • Study Guide
    • Distribute copies of Study Guide.
    • Show web pages on Overhead Projector.
  • Discuss the meanings or the Vocabulary Words 
    • Test on Monday (since I was absent yesterday and many students will be absent tomorrow-Friday)
  • Ascend Math Program
    • Do at least 2 post-tests per day. Your passing score will be increased to 70%. (Check with Mr. Thompson.)
    • Note:
      • Never guess.  
      • Work Carefully!
      • Learn the principles from Mr. Thompson.
      • Use a notebook, work neatly.
      • Use a FCAT type Calculator (they cost $1 in the Dollar Shop or in some drug stores, and at Office Depot right now!)
  • FCAT Explorer - Grade 10
    • Do at least 10 problems in each session.
    • Keep track of your scores. Aim for more than 60% on each Benchmark.
    • Make a date with Mr. Thompson to work on your weak areas.
  • Good classes.
  • Distributed copies of Review Sheet and notes on rules for +, -, x, / signed numbers.
  • Classwork was the addition of signed numbers quiz sheet from the web-site.

Advisory  Due Friday, May 15, 2009

(Class Rules)

Thursday,  May 14, 2009
    Essay 22: 
Why should American students be able to compete with young people from India, China, European countries and elsewhere in subjects like Math and Science?  How will this affect your future?
  • Make your points in at least 3 paragraphs.

  • Good class.

Rules of Arithmetic and Algebra

Ascend Math Program
FCAT Strands and Benchmarks -Go to Page 11 or click on the binoculars, type in the benchmark number exactly as given, click on the search button.
Parent Letter - Math


Math Grade Weighting and Ranges

Class Rules

 Ascend direct

Send your questions and comments to


  • You should receive an answer within 24 hours.
  • This will enable one on one communication with Mr. Thompson at any time and from any place.
  • If you do not already have an e-mail account, you can get a free e-mail account by clicking here .
  • Please tell your parents about this class' website (www.tagt.biz). Show them how to get to it.
  • Mr. Thompson is available after school in B212 every day (barring anything unforeseen), from 1: 20 to 2:20 P.M.

Teacher: Tyrone A. G. Thompson



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