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  • Instructional Designer - Mathematics, Computer Education

  • High School Math and/or Science (Computer, Physics, Chemistry) Teacher

Extensive knowledge of computer and Internet applications always incorporated into design and development of curricula, syllabi, and training material (paper-based and online). Designed and developed several programs to enhance customer service for high school, academia, and financial services. Certified by the state of Florida to teach Mathematics 6-12. Taught Tertiary, Middle and High school in 3 different countries including the U.S.A. Possess strong interpersonal (oral and written) communications skills. Work well with groups.


Mavericks in Education
Mavericks High School of Palm Springs,
West Palm Beach, Florida
October 2012 – June 2014

Mathematics Teacher

  • Use ApexVS Learning System to facilitate the learning of Mathematics in all sub-areas at the core and advanced levels , in a team teaching environment.

  • Give Direct Instruction to groups of students for external exams such as ACT, SAT, End Of Course (FCAT in the past), and to compliment ApexVS.

  • Help students remotely at their convenience, using the telephone and a Web-based "White Board".

  • Develop and maintain a Web-based "Bulletin Board" as a repository of Mathematics information that students in a continuous enrollment environment who posses poor note-taking skills, can readily access.

Mavericks in Education
Mavericks High School
St. Petersburg, Florida
September 2011 - October 2012

Mathematics Teacher

  • Use Lincoln Learning System to achieve mastery in Mathematics.

  • Give Direct Instruction to groups of students for external exams such as ACT, End Of Course (FCAT in the past), and to compliment Lincoln.

Quantum Opportunities Program
St. Petersburg, FL.
April 5, 2010 - August, 2011

Consultant, Mentor, Student Activities Coordinator, Student Advocate, Instructor, Educator, Tutor

  • Provide Academic assistance to Quantum Associates (a cohort being accompanied from grade 9 through grade 12 and on into post-secondary activities, to ensure a successful life).

  • Track Associates' academic performance with the aim of having them maintain an A or a B in each subject. Enact Remedial Classes, Tutoring, or Online Classes to correct any problems.

  • Track attendance and discipline problems. Work with associates and parents to correct any problems.

  • Lead skill-building, critical thinking discussions about life, world, community and current affairs..

  • Guide Quantum Associates in the use of computer programs and web-based learning tools.

  • Organize and chaperone field trips to enlarge the skin of each Associate's experiential envelope.

  • Maintain good customer relationship with Parents and Guardians.

  • Advocate on behalf of Quantum Associates with schools' staff, law enforcement representatives, and others, to enhance the Associates' potential for success and advancement in life.

Lakewood High School, St. Petersburg, FL.
August 2006 - June 2009

Classroom Teacher - FCAT Math Specialist

Devise and implement remedial learning environment for Ninth and Tenth Graders.

  • Identify suitable software for mathematical remediation.

  • Identify funding and acquire software.

  • Get software adapted to the UNIX platform.

  • Acquire Portable Computer Lab.

  • Acquire suitable furniture.

  • Design and implement course.

  • Design and implement the Class' Web Site through which all activities were coordinated.

  • Obtained gains of 20 - 23 % between Pre-tests and Post tests in the 4 semesters that technology was used. All students who applied themselves caught up and were performing at grade-level. (Data)

  • Run the Robotics and Engineering club during my last two years.

2002 - December 2003

Associate Professor

Teach Local Area Network concepts to adults. Develop syllabus, design learning environment, and administer course. (Received enthusiastic compliments from the Dean.)

  • Design and develop comprehensive technical curriculum with the goal of providing students with such hands-on experiences as installing Windows NT, downloading and installing NIC drivers, building cables, and actually building LANs.

  • Utilize the World Wide Web and Internet to administer tests, communicate syllabus, and convey messages to students in real time. Also to post students' marks and grades in real time.

  • Develop all necessary programming using MS Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet Explorer, Netscape, MS Word, Perl (for CGI), Java, and Macromedia Dreamweaver; which enhance the delivery of new material.

1995 – December 2003

Associate Professor

Design and develop syllabuses, create lessons, and teach computer-related subjects to adults. Teach courses in Programming Logic, Introduction to Computers (with heavy emphasis on MSOffice and the Internet), and Introduction to Local Area Networks.

  • Utilize the World Wide Web to administer tests, communicate syllabuses, transmit messages to students in real time, and post students' marks and grades in real time.

  • Design and develop all necessary programming using MS Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet Explorer, Netscape, MS Word, Perl (for CGI), Java, and Macromedia Dreamweaver

  • Exhibit extensive creativity and adaptability in adjusting programs to diverse audiences.

1998 - 2003

Technical Support, Internet/Quicken Specialist, and Customer Service Representative

Provide support for Financial Advisers and clients who trade via the World Wide Web. Teach clients the use of Quicken software and help them to troubleshoot hardware, software, and Internet problems. Serve on the tax help desk. (Acquired excellent on-the-job training on taxes and the basics of investment in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.) Help investors understand basic investment concepts, troubleshoot, and solve problems with their accounts.

  • Develop an interactive Customer-Service training manual in Visual Basic as well as a comprehensive online help manual for Customer Service Representatives to use over the Intranet. (Online manual helped my colleagues and me with the diverse, regularly updated pieces of information, of which we had to maintain a working knowledge.)

  • Use MSExcel to create a template in which representatives could create their time-sheets more efficiently.

  • Enforce stringent security regulations to protect clients from identity theft and fraud. (Received security clearance.)

1994 - 1998

Associate Professor

Re-vamp and update the "Introduction to Computers in Education" course. Organize, hire or co-opt, and lead team that teaches course to very large classes of undergraduate prospective teachers. Co-write and edit 300-plus paged lab manual (updated each semester). Coordinate design and development of web site and do necessary programming. Encourage and counsel new university students on benefits of and techniques for combining the fields of Computer Sciences and Education.

  • Employ and organize a team of 6 to 8 people each semester to teach large classes (200 to 320). Co-opt guest lecturers who are specialists in particular topics. Deliver lectures.

  • Make extensive and creative use of computer and Internet technologies to deliver lectures, maintain mark-books for very large classes, and communicate in real-time with large numbers of students scattered over a vast geographical area.

  • Develop several lessons that are totally Web-based in content, delivery, and execution; to enhance understanding and use of the World Wide Web.

  • Lecture and give demonstrations to colleagues and peers on the use of computers and the Internet to teach large classes.

1975–1993 and 2006-2009

High School & College Teacher

Teach various levels of public and private educational programs and courses.

  • Math – Lakewood High School, St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A. 2006-2009 (Implemented “from scratch”, a learning environment that used computer technology to remediate failing FCAT students. Students consistently achieved Pre to Post test gains of between 20 and 23% each semester.)

  • Math and Science - N.G.M. Major High School, Long Island, Bahamas. 1990-1992

  • Earth Science and Chemistry - Bayshore Christian School (high school), Tampa, Fl. 1988-1990

  • Math and Computers; Swimming Coach - St. Augustine's College (high school), Nassau, Bahamas. 1982-1988

  • Develop, manage, and run a successful, commercial academic course (Programming in Basic) for adults in partnership with St. Augustine's College in Nassau. 1986-1988

  • Math - Mico Teachers' College (tertiary institution), Jamaica, W.I. 1980-1982

  • Physics - Jamaica School of Agriculture (tertiary institution); Jamaica, W.I. 1978-1979

  • Math and Science; Soccer Coach - Cornwall College (high school), Jamaica, W.I. 1975-1978



  • I have been the Sales Representative to the Caribbean region for the Math tutoring program: ASCEND. (This totally web-based program diagnoses a student's weak area, treats it with video lectures, interactive explorations, and reviews; after which a Post-test is administered which has to be passed before the student is allowed to move on to find and treat another problem area.)

  • Presently developing computer (Web, Moodle) based instruction in mathematics to enable specific populations, especially urban youth, to gain competence in the subject from level "Zero to SAT". (The Mobile Institute)

  • Developed, managed, and ran a successful commercial course introducing adults to computers, in partnership with St. Augustine's College in Nassau, Bahamas.

  • Worked with cultural club in Nassau, Bahamas.